We are soon to move in our busy winter performance season and I want to wish each of you love and good luck with your forthcoming events! Many of you are brand new to Rock Choir and I’m sure you are equally excited and nervous at the prospect of stepping onto a stage for the first time! But don’t be afraid, your fellow Rockies and experienced new friends around you will support and guide you and afterwards, together, you can share in the Rock Choir-high! The very simple rule with performing in Rock Choir is to NEVER take your eyes off your Leader! Not only are they beautiful to look at but they will direct you through every song and every move so you can’t possibly go wrong! They are your anchor – they are your rock (!!)


As well as wishing you all good luck may I take this opportunity to THANK YOU for your continuing support and loyalty to Rock Choir but also for extending your charismatic and inspirational approach to help raise awareness and funds for our precious charity partner Nordoff Robbins. Their Get Loud campaign this term was a phenomenal success and they are overwhelmed with the support you showed them. Director of Fundraising at Nordoff Robbins, Hannah Sheedy wrote to me to extend their thanks to you as follows:


Dear Caroline

I wanted to send our heartfelt thanks to your wonderful Rockies, who overwhelmed us with their support of our Get Loud campaign. All of us here at Nordoff Robbins couldn’t stop watching social media on 29th & 30th September because of all the smile-inducing activity taking place up and down the country, led by your inspiring Rock Choir Leaders. As a small charity, we could never have created the buzz and awareness about Nordoff Robbins and music therapy in such a short period of time without the involvement of the Rockies.


Nordoff Robbins is the largest independent music therapy charity in the UK, dedicated to changing the lives of vulnerable and isolated people. We support thousands of people by working in partnerships with schools, day centres, care homes, hospitals, hospices and mental health units as well as at our centres where we provide music therapy for free, ensuring our life-changing work reaches those who need it most. Music therapy can help a child with autism to communicate, enable someone with dementia to regain their sense of identity or provide comfort for someone facing a terminal illness.


It really is incredible to have the support of Rock Choir and the love and enthusiasm from your Rockies who so brilliantly show the positive power of music. We really can’t thank you enough and we are excited about the future with you all by our side,


Yours in music and gratitude,

Hannah Sheedy. Director of Fundraising.


Thank you, Rockies! You really are an amazing group of individuals and I’m so proud of you all! I’d also like to add an extra BIG thank you to the HQ Team and the Leaders for going to great lengths behind the scenes to organise our charity events and create a professional, safe and happy environment for us all to enjoy these experiences!


Love to you all, Caroline x

Nordoff Robbins

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