Rock Choir - Caroline Redman Lusher

“Rock Choir has become the biggest National Cultural Movement of the decade”
Sunday Times Magazine.

Award-winning singer and musician, Caroline Redman Lusher, is the Creator and Creative Director of Rock Choir and remains responsible for Rock Choir and the team behind it. She developed a musical, educational and social formula that was the first of its kind, inspiring individuals and communities to join together and sing contemporary songs without the need for audition or the need to read music. Whilst others have tried to replicate its success, Caroline’s reputation has dramatically grown over the years and she continues to attract tens of thousands of individuals across the UK. who join Rock Choir to enjoy its unique and exciting experience.

Rock Choir began in Farnham, Surrey, in 2005 and become a true phenomenon due to its originality and huge popularity with the British public. In turn, Caroline has been recognised as the individual responsible for the phenomenon of popular contemporary choral singing in the UK. Rock Choir currently boasts more than 33,000 Members rehearsing in 400 towns up and down the country. It has several entries in the Guinness Book of World Records as well as a huge profile in the media with countless appearances on high-profile TV and radio shows. The team behind Rock Choir is made up of a dedicated group of over 80 talented musicians who are the Rock Choir Leaders and a committed team of over 30 based at Rock Choir HQ in Farnham. The creative, performance and educational aspects of Rock Choir continue to be led by Caroline to allow the unique and original Rock Choir experience to be delivered in each local community.

Caroline personally oversees every creative aspect of Rock Choir which includes the musical harmony creations and choreographing of each song in the Rock Choir repertoire.

Her training as a classical and contemporary musician and years of experience as a professional performer and teacher allow her to command the musical and educational backbone of Rock Choir while passing on her skills to the team of Rock Choir Leaders who work with her across the country. Caroline chooses emotional, inspiring and feel-good songs to impact the well-being of the Members. Current chart acts and songs from some of her favourite artists such as Annie Lennox, Adele, ELO, Phil Collins, Queen, Robbie Williams, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Sia and Bruno Mars contribute to the Rock Choir repertoire as well as requests and suggestions made by the Members themselves.

Rock Choir continues to be the largest contemporary choir in the world and enjoys regular appearances on high-profile national and regional TV and Radio shows. A one-off TV special of BBC’s ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’, confirmed, after a controlled experiment using the Rock Choir formula, that the Rock Choir Leader-led group-singing session led to a natural high and improved mood much more than other forms of exercise that were tested, such as cycling.

Caroline built Rock Choir on an uplifting ethos of family, fun, friendship and community spirit with Members enjoying a dynamic and busy new social life as well as a huge improvement in personal confidence. For many of the thousands taking part, Rock Choir has become a lifeline!

Not only does the Rock Choir experience improve lives, but some Members have reported that they have come off anti-depressants, experienced a marked change in their self-esteem and in turn now enjoy positive mental and physical health.

Rock Choir continues to offer Members once in a lifetime and unique experiences such as recording at London’s Abbey Road Studios, taking part in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and BBC Proms in the Park, performing at the nations’ arenas such as the London o2, Wembley, Liverpool and the NEC, going on tour to support artists such as Russell Watson, contributing to high-profile albums, performing on national television and singing at red carpet film premiers such as ‘Judy’, performing at major sporting events and staging Flash Mobs at various events and venues locally and nationally. Members have also had the opportunity to record their voices on professional records released by Rock Choir and enjoyed the success hearing their voices being played on national radio such as BBC Radio 2 whilst celebrating top 10 iTunes chart positions!

As well as releasing two new singles, Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ and Stevie Wonder’s ‘Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing’ in line with both the 2018 and 2019 BBC Proms in the Park performances, The Rock Choir Team released its first ever Christmas single, ‘The First Noel/Silent Night’, in December 2018 which rushed up the charts to the iTunes Christmas No.1 position. Following this success was another Christmas single in 2019, Happy Xmas (War is Over) again featuring The Rock Choir Vocal Group consisting of the 80 Rock Choir Leaders who deliver the Rock Choir repertoire to the Membership in their own communities across the UK. The Christmas 2020 single was released in lockdown and featured 4550 Rock Choir Members who took part in a mass of individual online recordings to create the inspirational and emotional Christmas Single, ‘Keeping The Dream Alive’. This also topped the iTunes Christmas chart and gave the Members an exciting and successful result to be proud of.

Caroline is always looking for new opportunities which will enrich the lives and experiences of the Members and her Rock Choir Team.

More recently Caroline has needed her strong leadership skills more than ever as she led her 120 strong Rock Choir Team through the Covid Pandemic and lockdown, moving the delivery of the Rock Choir Experience online and project managing innovative and creative ideas to keep the Rock Choir Membership and the British public engaged, distracted and valued. In March 2020, Rock Choir moved to an online virtual teaching platform within 3 weeks of the start of lockdown and Members were able to participate in more activities, tutorials, socials and live rehearsals than ever before.

With the entire UK. public facing isolation, the natural and immediate decision was for Caroline and her Rock Choir Team to find a way to support every individual and family across the UK by offering them free daily singing sessions to support their wellbeing and create daily structure. This 3pm Rock Choir session was called ‘Keep Britain Singing’ and it became an instant hit with the general public. It was first launched at the start of the first lockdown in March 2020 and the Rock Choir team pledged to keep the initiative going as long as the first lockdown continued. Keep Britain Singing clocked-up 106 consecutive days and reached millions of households becoming a vital lifeline for many as individuals battled low mood, anxiety, isolation and loneliness.

Throughout the pandemic Caroline and her team raised over £140,000 for charities. In particular, Rock Choir supported the Mental Health Foundation and Comic Relief whilst ensuring that the Rock Choir Experience reached thousands of households with its feel-good, positive and dynamic teaching, socials and general communications.

Outside of a pandemic, Rock Choir performs at approximately 2000 events each year from local community and charity fund-raisers to high-profile glamorous national events. The Rock Choir Team along with the Rockies help raise approximately 1 million pounds a year for local and national charities through these events.

Caroline has turned Rock Choir into a British success story & it remains the trail-blazer at the forefront of contemporary community singing!


What Christmas Means To Me



What Christmas Means To Me (Single)

The single features Caroline Redman Lusher and The Rock Choir Vocal Group in support of the Mental Health Foundation.

Rock Choir Keeping The Dream Alive



Keeping The Dream Alive (Single)

The single features the voices of 4550 Rock Choir Members, the Rock Choir Leaders and Caroline Redman Lusher in support of the Mental Health Foundation.

Happy Xmas (War is Over)



Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (Single)

Caroline & The Rock Choir Vocal Group, 2019.

Caroline & The Rock Choir Vocal Group released their second Christmas single creating their own version of the nostalgic song Happy Xmas (War Is Over). 32,000 Rock Choir members also performed this song across the UK in November and December 2019.

Don't You Worry Bout A Thing



Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing (Single)

Caroline & The Rock Choir Vocal Group, 2019.

Caroline Redman Lusher & The Rock Choir Vocal Group created their twist on the classic Stevie Wonder hit. This single featured on the radio, TV and was sung by Caroline & Rock Choir at the BBC Proms in The Park 2019!

Rock Choir Hallelujah



Rock Choir Hallelujah (Single)

Featuring The Rock Choir Vocal Group


The First Noel / Silent Night



The First Noel/Silent Night (Single)

Caroline and The Rock Choir Vocal Group, 2018 Caroline and the Rock Choir Vocal Group experienced an iTunes Christmas No1 in 2018 with The First Noel/Silent Night. These 2 traditional Christmas carols were given the Rock Choir vocal treatment by Caroline creating a nostalgic but contemporary layering of vocal harmonies and all profits were donated to Nordoff Robbins music therapy charity.

Rock Choir Deluxe Album



Rock Choir Deluxe (Album)

Rock Choir 2011

Rock Choir Deluxe continued what Rock Choir Vol.1 had started and featured 7 additional new tracks. These tracks made up some of the musical content on ITV1s high-profile documentary The Choir That Rocks. Mr Blue Sky was a favourite track and also the Teen Rock Choir version of You got the Love featuring the outstanding Rachel OBrien. Rock Choir Deluxe also features an incredibly emotional live recording of Labi Siffres Something Inside so Strong sung live at Wembley Arena by 7,500 Rock Choir members with Caroline taking lead vocal and a portion of the proceeds going womens charity Refuge.

Perfect Day Album



Perfect Day (Album)

Various Artists 2010

When Sony and Decca were looking for tracks for the uplifting double album compilation Perfect Day the Rock Choir track Something Inside so Strong was ideal, further endorsing just how good Rock Choir Vol.1 from which it was taken, had been. Caroline and Rock Choir took their place on this album alongside acts such as Eva Cassidy, Russell Watson and Sting.

Rock Choir Volume 1



Rock Choir Vol.1 (Album)

Rock Choir 2010

When first released, Rock Choir Vol.1 broke records and pushed the boundaries of what a choir could achieve. On the 1st day of release, it zoomed up to a chart position of No.1 in five different Amazon charts and was responsible for giving Rock Choir its second Guinness World Record as the Biggest Hit Act in the UK “Rock Choir is considered the musical embodiment of the Big Society ideal” (The Metro) and stands up as a simply fantastic feel-good pop album. Caroline’s vocal work and creative leadership on this album contributed to the professionalism and success that it has achieved.

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