Thank You Day 2021

THANK YOU DAY 2021! It’s THANK YOU day today and who else could I thank but the amazing, loyal and wonderful Rockies for keeping Rock Choir alive during the pandemic and also the outstanding, creative, talented and all-round superb Rock Choir Team who could not have done more to help me and care for our […]

Latest (June) Government Covid restrictions on choir rehearsals could have devastating impact on mental health

Latest (June) Government Covid restrictions on choir rehearsals could have devastating impact on mental health! The Government issued a recent decision to continue restricting the practicalities and logistics of professional and amateur choirs rehearsing in the room which will have a further detrimental impact on the mental well-being of hundreds of thousands of individuals who […]


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ARETHA FRANKLIN! The Queen of Soul would have celebrated her 77th birthday today, March 25th 2019! Her career was expansive and her voice was recorded over multiple decades covering both the gospel and soul genres but also pop, R&B and hip hop! With 112 hit songs in her repertoire Aretha Franklin is the most charted […]

Imagine if Music Didn’t Exist?

Imagine if Music Didn’t Exist? Consider your daily routine without hearing or engaging with music in any way. What would your life be like? Music instantly affects the way we feel. It impacts our mood. It flows through us and engages us physically and emotionally. There isn’t anything else like it! It’s historic, worldwide, cultural […]

Music is my therapy

Music is my therapy Singing and enjoying music or simply taking part in, or surrounding yourself with music (whether you’d consider yourself a musician or not) will absolutely have a positive impact on your life and on the stress in your life. We will ALL experience stress in varying levels throughout our lives and I […]


1 FAMILY – 1 CHOIR! With only a few weeks until we open the BBC Proms Event in Hyde Park the excitement is most definitely mounting in the team but also in the online activity of the Rockies with comments and conversations as they focus on their travel-planning and logistics! The last time we came […]

Proms in the Park. 1 week to go!

Proms in the Park. 1 week to go! “You won’t be doing your weekly shop this time next week, will you?! Someone will have to do it for you!” said a voice just behind me. I looked around, holding a slightly green bunch of bananas. The Sainsbury’s self-checkout ‘trolley only’ aisle was busy but then […]

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