Singing – Good For Our Health! - Caroline Redman Lusher
I’ve been travelling a lot recently, visiting many Big Sing events and travelling from town to town in the car to see you all! And whilst my timetable is always hectic, these journeys have often offered me a moment to reflect where I can think about you, the team and all the stories I hear from you as I meet and spend time with you! Often your stories are very emotional!
Of course these quiet and tranquil moments in the car are often superseded with singing along with the greatest tunes and turning everything up at FULL volume! Hooray!
However, did you know that singing out loud with no inhibitions gives our lungs and heart a complete work out?!! This in turn helps us control our breathing and improves our cardiovascular health!
SO…. the next time you feel yourself getting frustrated behind the wheel, put some of your favourite (Rock Choir) tunes on and sing out loud! You’ll notice how much calmer and happier you will feel! 🙏🏻 and who cares if you’re in a traffic jam and everyone’s staring!? They just wish they could be as brave and happy as you!! Cx
#singing #singforhealth #sing

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