Caroline has achieved huge success in her career to date as a performer, leader, businesswoman and motivational speaker. Her entrepreneurial story has touched the hearts of many and inspired thousands of people across the UK. She supports numerous charities as well as the thousands of individuals involved in Rock Choir.

The music industry identifies Caroline as the pioneer of the contemporary choir and responsible for a musical movement. created the concept of a contemporary performance choir in which people are not required to audition or read music, making it accessible and inclusive.

PRS Chairman, Guy Fletcher said, “Caroline has created a cultural musical movement in this country with Rock Choir. Her story is inspirational!”.


Caroline was educated at St Martin’s Independent Day School for Girls in Solihull, where she was awarded a music scholarship for the violin, voice and piano. During her time there, her talent and passion for music was nurtured and supported by her family and the staff who encouraged her to go on to study a B.A. (Hons) Degree in Popular Music & Recording at Salford University. In honour of her success St Martin’s School introduced a scholarship called ‘The Caroline Redman Lusher Performing Arts Scholarship.

At the age of 15, whilst studying at St Martin’s School, Caroline was offered the unusual opportunity to sing and perform at the piano in some of Birmingham’s city centre nightclubs. These early years of professional performance gave her a head start in the music industry and a huge opportunity to shape her craft and develop her voice and skills in front of the public. By the time Caroline graduated from University, she headed to London with 6 years of professional experience behind her. She then spent four years singing and performing in West End venues such as The Dorchester, The Langham and The Lanesborough hotel entertaining VIPs and celebrities into the early hours.


Caroline came up with the unique idea of providing people who love to sing the chance to join a choir without the need to audition, read music, or to have any previous singing experience. From its humble beginnings – weekly singing lessons around the piano for A-level students – Rock Choir has become a true phenomenon. It currently boasts more than 24,000 members in some 320 towns up and down the country, several entries in the Guinness Book of World Records, and the dedication of over 70 Rock Choir Leaders, all music graduates, who are guided by Caroline to deliver the Rock Choir brand in their local communities.

Caroline personally oversees every creative aspect of Rock Choir which includes the musical harmony creations and choreographing of each song in the Rock Choir repertoire. Her training as a classical and contemporary musician and years of experience as a professional performer and teacher allows her to command the musical and educational backbone of Rock Choir while passing on her skills to the team of musicians who work with her across the country. Caroline chooses emotional inspiring and feel-good songs originally sung by current chart acts and some of her favourite artists such as Annie Lennox, Adele, ELO, Phil Collins, Robbie Williams, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, and many more.

“Rock Choir has become the biggest National Cultural Movement of the decade” Gill Hornby, Author, Sunday Times Magazine. May 2015


Caroline’s voice has contributed to over 1 million album sales. In 2009, Rock Choir performed live on the Paul O’Grady Show and The One Show and was quickly snapped up by Universal Music who released ‘Rock Choir Vol. 1’ featuring Caroline as solo vocalist with 1,000 Rock Choir members. The album entered the UK weekend chart at No. 18 and Rock Choir won its first Guinness World Record for The Largest Musical Act to Release an Album (Signed) immediately followed by their second Guinness World Record of The Biggest Hit Act in the UK.


Caroline and Rock Choir have appeared in many TV and Radio shows including The One Show, ‘Good Morning Britain’, ‘Lorraine’ ‘The Alan Titchmarsh Show, ‘The Paul O’Grady Show’, ‘BBC Breakfast’, ‘Sky News’, BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, BBC Radio 2 with Steve Wright in the afternoon.

The ITV1 documentary series in 2011, ‘The Choir That Rocks’, followed Caroline for five months as she led 8,000 members of Rock Choir to a landmark, record-breaking show at Wembley Arena. ‘Rock Choir Deluxe’, was their second album with Universal released to coincide with the TV series.

‘Rock Choir founder Caroline Redman Lusher led her flock into Wembley Arena for the big performance which, by sheer force of feel-good will, booted non-believers into touch and sold the Rock Choir dream as the harmonious embodiment of the Big Society ideal.’ Excerpt from Metro article, 30 June 2011.


Caroline galvanised nearly a thousand excited Rock Choir members to record their first album in 2009, setting the world record for The Largest Musical Act to Release an Album (signed). The following month the Rock Choir members won a second Guinness World Record and became The Biggest Hit Act in the UK after Rock Choir Vol1 entered the UK album chart top twenty.

In June 2012, Caroline and Rock Choir broke their third Guinness World Record as 7914 Rock Choir members up and down the country broke into song simultaneously in the ‘largest song and dance routine held at multiple locations’.


In 2009 and 2010 Caroline was invited to the prestigious Women of the Year lunch. As described on their website, this is ‘the most significant gathering of extra-ordinary women in the world. Strictly invitation only – every single guest is hand picked in recognition of their personal contribution to society. Put simply, they have achieved and made a difference in all walks of life.’ Every guest is regarded as a ‘Woman of the Year’. They each represent not only themselves but the millions of extraordinary women worldwide who make a difference, every day.


Caroline and Rock Choir have also helped to raise millions of pounds for charity and have recently announced that Rock Choir will be supporting Nordoff-Robbins nationally. Other key national charities supported by Rock Choir include Sport Relief, Comic Relief, and Flying Start, British Airways’ global charity partnership with Comic Relief.

Caroline and Rock Choir have also helped to raise millions of pounds for charity as well as awareness for hundreds of local and National charities. In 2018 Caroline was invited to become an ambassador for music therapy charity, Nordoff-Robbins. Other key national charities supported by Caroline include Sport Relief, Comic Relief, and Flying Start, British Airways’ global charity partnership with Comic Relief.


In addition to her career as a singer and musician, her business credentials are on the radar of a growing number of influential organisations: in 2009 she was invited to the Women of the Year Lunch; in 2010 she was a finalist for the Institute of Directors Special Chairman’s Award for excellence in leadership. In 2012 she was a finalist in both the Orange National Business Awards Entrepreneur of the Year and the NatWest Everywoman Awards. In 2015 Caroline was awarded the Red Ribbon ‘Big Heart Award’ from the Family Business Place recognising Rock Choir as intrinsically generous and passionate about volunteering, fundraising and having an impact on the local community.


In October 2012, Caroline was honoured with a Gold Badge Award by BASCA (British Association of Songwriters Composers and Authors) in association with PRS (the Performing Rights Society). This prestigious music industry award was given to Caroline in recognition of her exceptional contribution to British music. Only a handful of people receive it each year.

In 2016, Caroline was awarded the Freedom of the City of London at a ceremony at Guildhall in London. The Freedom of the City of London is given to individuals who have achieved success in their chosen field and is recognition of a very high level of excellence and trust in the goods and services provided. Caroline also became one of the 100 Founding-Members of the Guild of Entrepreneurs representing the Arts and Music.

In July 2017 Caroline Redman Lusher received an Honorary Doctor of Letters from the London College of Music in association with The University of West London. This prestigious award is to honour Caroline for her magnanimous contribution to music education and for the innovation of Rock Choir which has inspired the nation’s communities to sing and perform. Caroline became an honorary doctor of the university on 25th July 2017 at Wembley Stadium along with 350 music graduates at their annual ceremony. It is usual that after graduation Caroline will now be invited to be a ‘Visiting Professor’ which will include masterclass teaching at London College of Music.

An honorary Doctor of Letters recognises Caroline’s outstanding achievements which will have had a long-term and significant impact on the country. She stands out at a national level as an example to others. Other community choirs inspired by Rock Choir will recognise Caroline’s contribution as inspirational and significant requiring unending commitment over a long period of time.

After Caroline created Rock Choir in 2005, it has become a British success story and remains the trail-blazer at the forefront of contemporary community singing. It was the first of its kind, inspiring individuals and communities to join together and sing contemporary songs without the need for audition or to read music. Whilst others tried to replicate its success, Caroline’s reputation dramatically grew, attracting thousands of individuals to join Rock Choir to take part in its unique and exciting experience.